Ceylan Tourism ins. Taah. Sec. Sıralanan. Gıda oto. Org. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. serving under the name Diamond Hotel 20, 2002, and entered the service in the city centre of Alanya tourism sector continues to serve. T. C. from the Ministry of tourism to serve as a 3 star hotel Diamond producing registered at our hotel, managed to increase the quality of service it the other day.
Sinan, Construction, Tourism, Food Ltd. Ltd. serving under the name Diamond Hotel Amasra, amasra was put into service in April 2015 and the date in the center of the city, the tourism sector began to serve.


To keep our service and quality of our products at the highest level and to integrate our innovative ideas to hotel management bussiness.


On the way to becoming an internationally well-known brand, high quality and luxury hotel markets in the segment we choose to be the leader in our city.


  • Hospitality
  • smiling, sincerity and sensibility
  • excellent service
  • Apply new ideas and concepts
  • %100 guests pleasure
  • To be innovative and pioneering in the sector
  • To be a global company
  • Reliability and commitment
  • Care about the priorities of our guests
  • Strong management staff


Maintain high standards of our service and product quality, always innovative ideas to integrate our standards with continuous improvement of hotel management.


To ensure our guests are provided with Diamondaw’s hospitality and traditional Turkish Culture while promising an unforgettable stay in all Diamondaw hotel branches.