Alanya has a small city centre. This is also located outside the city of big hotels, small hotel in the center of Alanya, has enabled to take place.

Mostly vacationers staying in our 5 star hotels in Alanya;  do not walk in Alanya , Have fun activities to complement your vacation with the hotel. “All inclusive” vacation packages purchased with the system, thanks to the hotel kitchen of the hotel from the outside, completing the holidays with animations and activities are returning.

However, the walk to the sea and is situated in the city centre of Alanya, Alanya Diamond Hotel, intimate, comfortable and you will spend a pleasant holiday. The world-famous Blue Flag beach in Alanya is ready from your place, for instance, or the hotel pool. Walk to Alanya’s nightlife you are close to, or in the hotel, at the snack bar by the pool, you will spend the night with your love.

Enjoy your vacation to Alanya Diamond Hotel present you with a flexible and free. In Alanya you can go comfortably into any desired place at any time; for example, you can eat a romantic dinner overlooking the city lights of Alanya, city direct, you can participate in events or activities.

In short, service is 3 star standard, offering a comfortable and convenient manner when you stay in Diamond Hotel Alanya,  you can explore and enjoy the texture of the city.