Everyone who is exhausted and cold winter is longing to spend a few days in summer and relax. Discovering new places, increasing our culture and knowledge, resting and having fun will detox our bodies and our minds. We re-start our life with our renewed body. How about a holiday where hot sand massages your feet and you want to enjoy the sea and the sun?

Today’s people’s general holiday concept, five-star luxury to go to the hotel is considered a prestigious organization. People who pay a high amount of money for the memories that will be told by adding thousands of individuals to the conversation. However, we do not talk about the disadvantages of these hotels. We spend a week at the hotel, credit card, and for twelve months, we are reminded about the negativities that we are experiencing.

For example we have to wait for breakfast with a soldier discipline and enter the breakfast room, work in the crowded swimming pool to swim in the pool, or wait for long time in the pool or sea and then wait for the evening meal again and we will not lose our patience. Some of them are finally able to sit on the table. In the evenings, the animations, the fun, then sleep and continue the same cycle again the next day. ” Where did we come from? ”

This is Turkey, okay, which city are we? We will go home without questioning that. Without feeling the historical texture of the city, without exploring its bazaar, local flavors, natural beauty, activities in the city, the holiday ends between the four walls.

On the other hand, we have a holiday option that we can do financially and without difficulty. The services we receive in these facilities with fewer beds are more personal. The smile of the hotel staff who knows you in a few days is sincerity, for example. Or you will not compete for sunbeds in the pool. You can choose a hotel in the city you go to for a vacation, for example. In this way you will also have the opportunity to explore the texture of the city. Your flow of water is more flexible, more free here.

The situation is even more striking in Alanya. Alanya has a small city center. This allowed large hotels to be located outside the city and small ones to be located in the center of Alanya. Our vacationers who stay in 5-star hotels in Alanya, in fact, do not visit in Alanya, have fun and only complete the holiday with in-house activities. However, in many small hotels in Alanya, walking distance to the sea, it is not even natural to have a friendly, comfortable and enjoyable holiday. Free wifi / internet service, the arrival of your unexpected dinner, the direct participation to the events in the city, the Alanya night life, the hotel is just walking distance between the important advantages of these hotels.